Originating from Cyprus, our story begins with the concept of online trade business which is brought into reality with loyalty Trading company. the LTC platform was designed to generate and manage virtual AI bot trade Profits featuring fast-rising, the technological driven blockchain-based platform that empowers and operates Forex, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold, Indices, Bonds.

A group of professionals who combine their unique skills to form a dynamic and successful trade venture helping user individuals to maintain a quality presentation and keep them at the top of their fiscal fields. Our tailored trade AI Software solutions is what keeps us ahead positioning against your competitors, but also the quality of our Trade.

Our Speciality
AI Software robot Trade

BUY/Sell accuracy and predefined Software Bots.

Capital Reserve Funds

User capital is Assured and Safe.

Experiences professionals

Skilled & High Professional at service.

Personal Info Encryption

End to End data Encryption.

We are a business opportunity for the investors who wish to deal with a simple investment plan and with safety as their own infrastructure type, and also to make their lifestyle worth living without any left-out debts and free of the complex trade.

Our team experts resuming experience of almost two decades with near to accurate results for our customers. Also providing outstanding services, which incorporate both mining services and trading platform.

We well understand and digest that our investor’s capital is importantly allocated at the very right area and for which we provide complete and accurate transparency in a high definition source and quality security to the individual with an end encryption sockets, while assuring fully transparent deposit deals with a very swift easy withdrawal pay-out policy.

Which will help our investors to create a solid financial history in their own career and keep them always an updated trading master by himself We believe that good products and services sell themselves. Which is True and We pursue it here in LTC.